Consular Seat Grows Cold as Senators Squabble


This morning I took a long stroll down Main Street taking in the sites of downtown Coriscia. Our city has developed from a humble island capital to a bustling bastion of the Republic. I have never been prouder than to see all of the diverse cultures that have flooded our streets from across our colonies. With every new colony means a boatload of trade and resources for our ever-expanding nation. As I was walking, I saw an unfamiliar storefront with the name 'Faroxi's Finest Teas and Spice,' With a name like that I couldn't walk past without giving it a proper investigation. I went inside and a charming raven haired Jistorii girl with a cute button nose and bright scarlet eyes greeted me with a kind, 'Welcome!' She wore a black apron with the trademark 'FFTS' with her name embroidered underneath it. The menu was sprawling with several different options of teas, spices, and tonics. My head started spinning as one of the baristas from the back came out of the back with a tray full of delightful smelling pastries. They asked if it was my first time as I must have looked over my head with choices and they suggested the Sorropoli Spice tea with a glub-spiced muffin. They were quite undoubtedly the most amazing things I've ever consumed. 

My point is that the influx of new colonies, specifically the induction of the Ashenmark province have been key to our success and has far-reaching consequences that will only benefit us as a nation. With that being said there is also a great deal of turmoil that will have to be traversed, and it won't be easy. Every new colony is to vote in a representative in the Senate Minor and a new Vizier is dispatched to reside as executive law over the province. We've found that every colony we've brought in has had a laundry list of concerns with regards to representation and melding cultures. Although our newest Ashenmark province has blended rather nicely, moving forward we may want to reconsider how we go about the process of induction. 


After I downed my first tea and started my second I stepped out into the cold morning air. My morning jaunt to work takes a few minutes but I decidedly slowed my pace to enjoy the glorious warmth of the tea against my throat in contrast to the frigid air. Along the way, I overheard a couple gentlemen who were discussing politics. Usually, an ugly affair to discuss in public but they're discussion sparked some great ideas which I wanted to share. 

One of the big questions looming through the town halls and minister meetings is "what do we do about representation with regards to the election of the new Consulars." Normally this vote is given ONLY to the Senate Major which consists of legislators elected over Coriscian provinces. The two Consulars only execute and uphold the law over domestic and foreign affairs respectively, they are still upholding the law for every citizen and not just those that happen to live on the island. Fair enough. But the question is do we allow the senators elected to the Senate Minor to have a vote for both Consulari, one Consular, or if they should not be allowed to vote for them at all. This has caused large disputes over the political parties and their seats in the current election. 


A poll taken in Coriscia proper as to who was for and against allowing colonial representation in voting for Consulate seats.

Let's say we allow the Senate Minor to vote for both Consular of Domestic Affairs and Consular of Foreign Wars. The Traditionalists claim that such a power, particularly over domestic affairs, would allow them to elect a candidate that would ease on the restrictions currently put on the colonies to ensure their "continued success," This thinking isn't entirely flawed as we've seen before that such easing of political constraints has led to the falling of Braith to the north. Our government has since forgiven our neighbors to the north for their terrorism and mass murder but a lot of the people are still quite perturbed by the government's decision on opening free trade with them within months of their usurping and murdering of the Grand Vizier of the northern territories. 

Now, what happens if we continue on as before without allowing the Senate Minor to vote on the Consular? Well, it's predicted that there will be small reactionary protests right off the bat and a shift in political seats in the Senate Minor, but nothing that would be overly concerning. The downside is that we deny our brothers and sisters of the colonies the same rights us islanders have in our glorious republic. A republic that is supposed to be a haven of democracy. 


The Senate is also struggling to push legislation in the recesses of the election as Amendment 16: Electoral Permissions of Senate Minor which are outlined here: 


  • Give Senate Minor seat incumbents the electoral power over Consular of Domestic Affairs Elections. 

  • The Senate Minor would be allowed to accept donations for local elections not exceeding 150,000 Rooks a year. 

  • Annexation of the Colony of Boswa as Republic territory granting it full rights as a Coriscian province along with a seat in the Senate Major. 

Now there is obviously a lot to unpack here. We've just discussed allowing Senate Minor seats to vote on the Consular of Domestic Affairs, but the donations to Senate Minor incumbents and annexation of Boswa are two huge changes to the Republic's constitution. Up until now, local colony elections don't allow donations. There is a very good reason for this as it prevents power-hungry donors to manipulate newly inducted colonies in exchange for a monopoly on business in said colony. Now, with that being said, it would also help stimulate local economies to get them caught up with the rest of Coriscia. The TPC (Traditionalists Party of Coriscia) is absolutely for this freedom of donating as their party has always been keen on stimulating the economy and lining their own pockets, but it calls into question the legitimacy of legislators and whether or not they will uphold the values over their local communities. The PPC (People's Party of Coriscia) is very much against this kind of manipulation which is why this bill has been so contentious among the voting parties. 

The annexation of Boswa is also a huge change as it would essentially upgrade Boswa from colony status to the same status as Coriscian island provinces. This would be the first time a colony has ever gained full rights and would set a precedent for other colonies to follow suit. Some suggest that eventually all of our forward colonies will be proper Coriscian territory and new colonies will expand into the frontier on the western borders. This does draw some concern with our Vercasian neighbors as we grow closer and closer touching borders. Military officials claim that it could incite reactionary skirmishes along the frontier that could result in another war. 


Votes for/against the passing of Ammendment 16. SMA (Senate Major) SMI (Senate Minor)

Why should we push west when we have more than enough land? Well, the simple answer is resources. There is a litany of untapped resources across the frontier. Research parties have found an abundance of Letstone deposits to the west of the Amberidge Forests and could be a boon to our production. As many of you know, Letstones are how many of our republics greatest inventions are powered. The Loronio Powership you are possibly reading this article on has a power conversion module under its front plate that allows for your traversal over land, sea, and sky. Can you imagine a day when everyone has their own Loronio Powership and no one is ever late to work again? Or how about travel to and from the colonies that would only take days rather than several weeks? There are all sorts of inventions that are booming from these technologies, but they require power. That power comes from those resources in the frontier. Point is: expansion is a good thing. 

For those of you who may still be concerned about this annexation, as it stands the population of Boswa consists of 85% of Corsician natives and 10% Groaken expats and a mix of foreign travelers for the remaining 5%, making it the colony that is 'most Coriscian' of all the 9 colonies. Coriscia Proper only has 83% actual Coriscian natives living in it to put it into perspective. Arguably the colony is more Coriscian than the city. A local election in Boswa also confirmed that they are for this merge and it there is nearly unanimous agreement across party lines that this transition should take place. Don't be left behind on this one. 


There has not been a decision as to who will take the vote for Consular between the TCP Sen. Garus Moralia or the PPC Sen. Sarani Pox. The two Consulari elects are vying for the position of Consular of Domestic Affairs. They are in a stalemate, and until a decision is made we will have to fall back on the presiding TCP Sen. Darius Gresmald the Senator Prime of the Senate Major. Gresmald has shown that he has no problem with taking up the reigns in the interim as he's been pushing legislation for the TCP while this election is up in the air. The PPC is calling the foul play as some of Gresmald's executive actions are inciting further distrust between our nation and our Vercasi neighbors. 

What's preventing one of these candidates from being elected? The two major parties: TPC and PPC are in control of the Senate Major holding 15 of 19 seats. With that being said there is much dispute over which party's Consulari Candidate should take the seat. Pox and Moralia are neck and neck at 6 votes against 6 votes. Of the remaining 7 Senators, there are 4 undecided votes and three abstains all from third party Senators. The final vote will take place in two weeks on the 5th of Septari, but there is a rumor that there may still be a tie. If the vote ties again we will be right back where we started and the presiding Consular will continue to hold the seat until a decision is made. The PPC isn't a fan of this as Gresmald is a TPC forerunner but there are Traditionalists who aren't too keen on how liberal he is with sending troops to our borders. 


Votes for Consular of Domestic Affairs per Senatorial vote

Why does this matter? Well to the average Coriscian it probably won't affect you directly, however, we may see that for the military class a huge sway in lifestyle as more and more are separated from their homes and sent to the frontier. The Vercasi Empire has shown that it isn't too keen on these decisions as they have been preparing their borders by bolstering defensive positions where our soldiers are being sent. We've seen this kind of escalation of power and defensive tactics to blow up into something far worse. 

After finishing my second tea I got into work and did my morning stretches and meditated over all the back and forth and the future of our great nation, and I just could not get over how damn good that tea was. It's like a warm cup of magic. I give Faroxi and his wonderful staff as well as all of you my blessings for the day. Seize the day, own it, and leave it better than you received it. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletters!