Autumn Update #2 - A New Direction

Hi everyone,

As many of you know I’ve been cranking away at my novel for the NaNoWriMo competition this month, and I haven’t had time for much else. I’ve made a lot of progress over the past 10 days, writing over 72 pages (17,623 words) worth of content in such a short period of time. That being said I’ve decided to narrow my pursuits into a single avenue rather than spreading myself too thin. I’ve found writing more fulfilling than anything else I’ve ever done, and therefore I want to focus on that.

With that being said there are a slew of new things I plan to add to the website including:

  • Better organization of blog posts

  • A banner or splash page detailing my upcoming writing projects

  • A full wiki for my written works

I’ve taken down the pages regarding my photography and film stuff and began working on some other pages that have preview content regarding my upcoming novel. Now a lot of the pages are still being worked on so if you find a dead end or blank page here or there, you very well might be on the precipice of the internet and I suggest whole-heartedly that you don’t peek over the edge. I can’t be responsible if you find yourself tumbling through a wave of 404 errors and broken links. Well actually, I can be slightly responsible as it is my website. Anyways, it’s coming along slowly but surely and I hope that you all take a peak at some point.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful transition into the cold and I hope to get more updates for my novel in a timely manner. Wish me luck!

-T.A. Nathan